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The women I work with best are seeking a work environment and schedule that supports their desire to excel at their career while also being there for their family.

Here is a brief snapshot of the people that are my most successful clients:

They welcome an integrative approach

My best clients understand that thriving in family life and a rewarding career is much easier to handle when you have clarity about your goals, and are aware of how your thoughts are supporting (or sabotaging) your progress.

They are willing to do the "inner work" (examining their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings) before focusing on the "outer work" (resume development, interview prep, etc.)

They're ready to work

My best clients are eager to get started and enthusiastic about our sessions, because they know our work together will lead to overall happier careers (and lives) for them.

They show up on time to our appointments, and implement the "homework" I assign them in between sessions to the best of their ability.

They ask questions and are active participants in our process of achieving their career goals and showing up in the way they desire for their families.

They are open-minded

My best clients enjoy learning about new ways to approach their career goals and are willing to experience being uncomfortable at times as we work together to shift their thoughts and feelings to ones that create better results for them.  

Many of my clients are .....

 - Seeking to get back to full time work after a period of part time work and/or raising children

 - Looking for a fulfilling professional role that provides them the flexibility they crave.

 - Considering reinventing themselves as small business owners and entrepreneurs


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